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Nov 25, 2007
Aloha UUers, thank you for being a part of the Underground and for interacting as part of one of the largest online ukulele communities in the world. Over the past 15 years, the UU Forum has existed as a space where ukulele players and enthusiasts can come to freely discuss all things ukulele and we plan to keep it that way.

Here's where you can help. Recently, Kanile'a Ukulele made an announcement that they acquired the Ukulele Underground brand and understandably there were questions and concerns about what this would mean for the future of the UU Forum. This change will not affect the UU Forum in any significant way for the foreseeable future, however we do want your input on how you think UU Forum can grow sustainably and become a better experience for you as a member.

As a quick summary, here is a reply that I made to a forum thread discussing the topic:
As always, thanks for being a champion of the UU Forum - as you mentioned, the podcast on Friday with Kaimana from Kanile'a will go over what collaborations and future projects UU has planned, as well as answer any questions UUers may have about the future of UU.

Before then, I can answer any questions you may have (feel free to DM me at any time as well & I'll do my best to get back to you asap). The quick answer is that the UU Forum isn't going anywhere. There are currently no plans to change the UU Forum in any way and it will remain open for free discussion as outlined in the UU Forum Rules that the members of the UU Forum set for themselves years ago.

1. The UU Forum has always operated with no preference towards particular brands and no censorship of comments about any particular brand, unless comments don't abide by the Forum Rules. This will definitely be the case going forward.

2. In the past, the Forum was primarily maintained by community-appointed moderators. Last year it was apparent that many of the moderators had moved on and we tried bringing on a few more people to help. As of this posting, to my knowledge, I'm currently the only active moderator. That said, the UU Forum should be moderated by the community - if you would like to volunteer or appoint anyone from the community to be a moderator, please do. It would be a great help especially to maintain Forum neutrality.

3. As stated before, there are no current plans to change the Forum. Any community suggestions on how to make this a better place are welcome.

4. Ukulele Underground is still operating as it's own entity, so Ukulele Underground will continue to maintain the Forum to the best of our ability. (Ukulele Underground and Kanile'a are independent of each other, but fall under the same umbrella in the business structure. Sort of similar to the way that Pixar and Marvel Entertainment maintain their own projects). The Forum was migrated to new software last year, so hopefully it doesn't require any major upgrades in the foreseeable future. As for now, the auto-generated Google Ads in the Forum will still be displayed, though if anyone has input on better ways to help the Forum to be sustainable, suggestions are welcome.

Hope that helps! Again, thanks for the concern and for helping to keep this place safe and functioning. Please reply or send a message directly if you need anything else!

The Ukulele Underground Podcast will be streamed live on Friday, Feb 4th (1pm HST) on the Ukulele Underground YouTube Live page, so log in there to see the Q&A with Aldrine & Kaimana and interact through the live chat.

In the meantime, please send any of your questions, suggestions, ideas, concerns or moderator nominations / volunteering by messaging me directly. Ukulele Underground as a whole has always existed as a way to help further the wider ukulele community and this Forum is definitely a part of that mission. Any suggestions or contributions you may have to help further this goal and ensure that all UU partnerships and collaborations are net-positive for the community are welcomed. Mahalo!