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  1. SebastianF

    Koaloha Opio Tenor Acacia Wood (KTO-10)

    These are serious instruments and sound lovely. I own one myself and play it from time to time, even though I also have a koa KTM-00. Great offer at 400$, someone should go get it. :)
  2. SebastianF

    I don't think this is cool at all

    Which names if I may ask? (I don't like to give him all the clicks he doesn't deserve)
  3. SebastianF

    About to pull trigger for Anuenue Moonbird UT-200

    If it is not the price, and you like the sound, then I would argue no. I mean, that uke really pushed the boundaries when it came out and still does, rightfully so. I love my UT214 & UT3K (same build as the Moonbird but with cedar & koa). There is pros and cons to this approach, but if you are...
  4. SebastianF

    Uluru ukes

    And regarding the price of the Koa, it is the priciest of the woods they offer for customs. Also their Lehua with all of its appointments compares in price to, say an Anuenue UT-3K with similar appointments and woods. And Barry on GotAUkulele praised its sound too.
  5. SebastianF

    Uluru ukes

    I had thought to mention this when I wrote in the post linked above about Ulurus being talked about rather sparingly here. But then again their marketing is hardly existent when you compare them to other brands. Regarding this incident, to paint the whole picture, Uluru offers custom builds...
  6. SebastianF

    Uluru ukes

    Generally good to be a bit cautious with the use of the word koa, however ask Matt at World of Ukes. From all the ukes that he has had in his hands, he chose a Lehua IIIc as his private uke and that is made from Hawaiian Koa and not some other acacia. So is the Pukana La series and you can also...
  7. SebastianF

    Uluru ukes

    I play two of their tenors and both are top notch ukes. I recently wrote a few sencences about these in another thread, see here.
  8. SebastianF

    NUD: pair of Enyas

    Good advice! And these sound beautiful with good fluorocarbon strings & Low G, for a demo what it can sound like listen to Ryan Coads video on this uke on youtube.
  9. SebastianF

    Shop designed exclusive ukuleles, are they popular amongst the uke community?

    Like others have written before, I see shop exclusive models as additions to the maker's standard models. Often times a good uke shop makes wise choices in picking the maker & build and sells them for a reasonable price. You mentioned Uluru. I own 2 of their tenors (among Anuenues, K-Brands &...
  10. SebastianF

    One-Piece Double Tuners

    I guess your friend bought an APC (they are made in Portugal). Their tuners are most probably not Ruberners. (Just as a sidenote for other readers, what APC claims as "koa" is not koa but some other acacia - a little shady if you ask me.)
  11. SebastianF

    One-Piece Double Tuners

    I don't have any experience with these, but I know Rubner uses the 2-tuners-on-1-plate design for ukes. See
  12. SebastianF

    N9 longer available....1920's Manuel Nunes taropatch for sale. $7500 / obo...just added pics to thread replies...

    EIther that, or upload the full size pictures to somthing like Google Drive, Dropbox or Imgur and provide the link here. Also, your email in a post here is not a good idea unless you want a ton of spam mails in your inbox (bots are on permanent lookout for such things).
  13. SebastianF

    Koaloha ukulele workshop tour (and question)

    That is what I think. I would be interested if anyone else uses this strategy, or opinions (vs traditional clamping)?
  14. SebastianF

    Koaloha ukulele workshop tour (and question)

    Good catch! Here is my theory: The 3 white lines are white glue, coming from the white glue bottle standing on the table. What he has in his hands is probably a small syringe with superglue. In this shot, notice the clear looking lines left and right of the 3 white lines, close to the edge of...
  15. SebastianF

    Moon Bird Tenor

    If the Moonbird is too bright for you take a look at the Cedar Bird (UT214). Same uke but with a cedar top instead of spruce with a similar, yet much warmer, darker sound to it. TUS has some sound samples on Youtube. Not plenty around though, they are made in limited batches from what I know...
  16. SebastianF

    UAS strikes hard... and what was your most recent irrational purchase?

    It feels good to read your stories, looks like I am not alone. :D Now, here is mine: I have eyed the Anuenue Cedar Bird for quite a while (also the cedar topped Lightbird too). Initially they were only made in a very small batch that I missed, and those sold rarely ever passed their owners on...
  17. SebastianF

    Non-VOC finishes

    An alternative to Odie's Oil could be Osmo PolyX oil. Haven't used it yet, but I've seen some videos on YouTube that make me want to try it.
  18. SebastianF

    Wittner Tuners ? Any experience yet ?

    Giving this thread a bump because apparently there has not been written a lot if info around here. Yes, these are not cheap but does the price reflect qualtity? How do they compare to their obvious rear-facing geared contender, the Gotoh UPTs? They are 8.5:1 ratio compared to the 4:1 of the...
  19. SebastianF

    I don't think this is cool at all

    I did in one case on insta where I could not hold it back. He claimed he was the only one in the US selling a certain ukulele (he was not), pulling off his ridiculous overpricing model (disguised as a sale but still several hundred dollars more than the competition) and then adding his setup...
  20. SebastianF

    Please, somebody buy this

    Mine had the original price tag but well... I still could not resist. 😅