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    FS: Lanikai model MAS-T Tenor

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    FS: Lanikai model MAS-T Tenor

    Yep, that's the model. Here's the manufacturers page. Thanks for the encouragement. :) Edit: I fixed the title to cut down on confusion.
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    FS: Lanikai model MAS-T Tenor

    This is an all solid mahogany tenor ukulele in excellent condition. I am the original owner. Non smoking home. I've currently got it strung with PHD low G flourocarbon strings, although it sounds good with high G strings as well. I'm selling it because I just got a baritone uke, and I'm not...
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    Out of Nowhere

    Well done!
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    Somewhat back after hand surgery and new uke

    Glad your hand is back up to speed. Sounds really good, and I like the lyrics. Did you forget the pic of the beads?
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    baritone strings

    So NOBODY has used the PhD baritone strings?
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    baritone strings

    Has anybody used the PhD strings on a baritone? If so, what are your thoughts on them? I've been pretty happy with them on my tenor. Thanks!
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    Fitting Waverley friction pegs without countersink

    While I'm not a luthier, I do have some experience at "making do with what's at hand." :) Have you considered using a short piece of nylon or plastic tubing to fill the gap between the shaft and headstock hole? It wouldn't need to be glued in, and since the shaft doesn't touch the sides of the...
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    19 Inch Scale Tenors are they built really differently from 17 Inch Tenors?

    Well, with a two inch longer scale length, you're looking at one inch longer distance from the nut to the 12th fret. So we'll estimate that that's roughly 1/2" longer from the nut to the 5th fret. My guess, based on that, is that you probably won't notice much difference.
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    A question about a girl from Oregon

    Jazz and basic noodling. I like playing along with most anything, and since my shoulder surgery the reach of a standard guitar is... uncomfortable. So a while back I picked up a tenor, and while I really love it, I miss the lower notes of a guitar. So I'm going to give a baritone a shot. Maybe...
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    A question about a girl from Oregon

    Yep, I'm asking about Myrtle, 🤣 Sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm in the process of having a baritone uke made from Myrtle, and I was curious if anybody had an opinion of whether to go with a myrtle soundboard or one made from Port Orford Cedar. The builder prefers POC, but the...
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    Bonanza Homestead Line

    Hmm... That one isn't working either. I'm logged into facebook, and everything else seems to work, but that link returns this:
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    Bonanza Homestead Line

    Sorry, I'm not seeing it:
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    Yet another string question

    I've got a Lanikai MAS-T mahogany tenor uke, and according to Lanakai support, it came strung with D’Addario Nyltech EJ88-T strings. I've had if for a couple of weeks, and the tuning has settled in pretty good and overall, it sounds great. However, the A string doesn't have the sustain that...
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    Question about new ukes

    Hey, I'm not sure that this is the right place for this question, so if it needs to be moved, then mods, please do so. I'm new to ukulele, although I've been playing music for pretty much my whole life. Anyway, my son and I are learning the ukulele together as a way to get him more interested...