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  1. Jim Hanks

    NTD (new tuner day): Korg Sledgehammer Pro

    A little pricey but works very well, even on solid body U-bass
  2. Jim Hanks

    "The Old Rugged Cross"

    With Bonanza cherry/HPL super tenor in cFAD tuning and Timber bass
  3. Jim Hanks

    Ebow for electric uke

  4. Jim Hanks

    Backing Track: "Shape of Three" w/ Ukulele, Uke Bass

    A backing track in the key of E minor/G minor Free for non-commercial use. Other licensing available. Ukulele tutorial is available at Full quality audio download is...
  5. Jim Hanks

    One chord shape for all major/minor chords plus a song starter

    In which we look at a single chord shape on the ukulele and discover how to make all major and minor triads with it, then see how to play many 4-notes chords with the same shape, and finally look at a song sketch using some of these 4-note chords.
  6. Jim Hanks

    "Emeline" (Kenny G) Tutorial/Play-Through

    With Cocobolo Ukuleles Super Concert #001
  7. Jim Hanks

    Timber vs Kala quick comparo

  8. Jim Hanks

    (FULLY FUNDED!) Giving opportunity: capos for the classroom

    For your consideration... Some of you may recall an opportunity last year to provide ukuleles for a public school music program in North Carolina. The teacher and kids sent back messages of how appreciative they were. I have a similar opportunity from the same family that has now moved to...
  9. Jim Hanks

    Wall hanger install w/ Timber Bass and Bonanzalele background track

    The primary purpose of this video is to show a real-time install of a ukulele wall hanger. Under 5 minutes for one. I fit the background track to the time of the install, first recording a simple uke progression with a concert Bonanzalele, then adding Timber Bass, low G whistle, and high D...
  10. Jim Hanks

    NBD: Magic Fluke Timber Bass "2.0"

    This is my second Timber. I sold my first one earlier this year in anticipation of a semi-custom build that was to amend the issues I found problematic with the original Timber. Big mistake. That build has still not materialized 10 months and counting after promised delivery (story for another...
  11. Jim Hanks

    "E" Cuatro Guitalele Tuning

    With Jupiter #71
  12. Jim Hanks

    8s of Flukutronic

    With Cocobolo super concert, Bonanzalele, and Kala U-bass
  13. Jim Hanks

    Flukutronic 2-year anniversary "Carry On Wayward Son"

    200th video on the Flukutronic channel. Features the iMua chambered body tenor uke in Bb tuning. Also Kala California U-bass in drop D tuning
  14. Jim Hanks

    Song Sketch for Father's Day w/ guitalele and u-bass

    Neither is pictured in the video but features Pelem guitalele in reentrant B-to-B tuning and Kala U-bass in drop D tuning
  15. Jim Hanks

    Extended reentrant song sketch "Lacewing"

    With the 5-string kiku by David Hanson in dGBEA tuning
  16. Jim Hanks

    "Extended Reentrant" Tuning for 5-String Kiku/Ukulele

    I wonder if anyone else has ever tried something like this? The TL;DR version is a 5-string tuning dGBEA or under transposition would be gCEAD - normal reentrant tuning with a high "extended" range string.
  17. Jim Hanks

    Album Release: "Flukutronic"

    Every track on this album includes ukulele (total of 10 - including one from Kevin Griffin) and all but one track includes U-Bass (total of 2).
  18. Jim Hanks

    Work in-progress "Carry On Wayward Son" with guitalele

    Brief appearance by a Jupiter baritone guitalele here but should have a bigger role as the project progresses
  19. Jim Hanks

    New to-me Southern Cross banjo uke

    Original listing -