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  • Thanks for the feedback Brian!
    I did feel like my singing was disconnected from the music yesterday.
    When practicing I try to play the first few melody notes
    and sing along to get the feel of it before singing, but the "live" setting is a bit more difficult to relax and focus.

    I must try to find a way to fix it.
    I hope my YouTube videos are closer to the right key.

    Hi Mikkel - I wanted to comment on your performances the last couple of times at the international open mic. I really like the songs you choose! You have very good ukulele skills and a very nice voice (your speaking voice has a wonderful tone - I know I've said that before).

    I wanted to comment on your singing/playing coordination but didn't want to say this in from of everyone else: the last two songs you played at the open mic you sang in a different key from what you were playing. It is odd: your playing is good, and your voice WANTS to sound good but it can't because it's in the wrong key. I strongly recommend that you come up with some way of cueing your singing so you know the right note to start on. I have found when I struggle with this issue that if I know exactly which note to start singing on it helps solve this problem.

    Please accept this recommendation in the positive spirit in which it is given!
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